Common Questions

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

No, when purchasing one of the services you acknowledge no refunds will be given for cancelling your appointment. The time slot you committed to and paid for could have been given someone else.

Can I exchange a service if I decide to cancel or change it?

No, you committed to the time and service offered. Pay extra attention to the service and time you are booking.

Where is in-person tutoring located?

In-person tutoring is located at the FGCU library. Please check your email and texts for updates regarding this.

I haven't received a text or email and booked for tutoring...

First, be sure the text and email didn't get sent to spam. The email should be from The text should be from (239)-257-8773. If you still have issues and see no communication, please message me with your name and issue at (239)-257-8773. Note: Not checking your email or texts is not a valid argument for a refund.

The time I want to book is crossed out and says I need to book 36 hours in advance...

The 36 hour booking feature allows me adequate time to prepare my schedule, do the material and be prepared for the session. If you decide that you need a time that is past the 36 hour booking window. A $10 dollar late fee will be assessed separately from your booking. This is due to the fact that I am going out of my way to accommodate you.